A Caribbean Dream is a re-imagining of William Shakespeare’s romantic comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Set in modern day Barbados, Theseus and Hippolyta are returning Nationals. This traditional tale takes a twist with the creation of new characters where Mechanicals are re-imagined as Fishermen, and Bottom as a Black Belly Sheep, along with Birdman and a Changeling Boy.

Mystery, magic and romance unfold within a beautiful Caribbean landscape and the grounds of Fustic House.

 Set under a full moon and during the Crop Over festival, Puck is a Butler, while Oberon and Titania maintain the house during the day. Chaos and madness unfolds at night, exploring Caribbean folklore and culture.

 This is a unique and entertaining re-imagination of one of Shakespeare's most beloved comedies.

Written and Directed by Shakirah Bourne
Adapted by Melissa Simmonds and Shakirah Bourne
Produced by Melissa Simmonds and Lynette Eastmond
Executive Producers Christian Roberts and Keith Morris
Director of Photography Robin Whenary
Art Director Leandro Soto

Editor Liz Webber

Main Cast in order of appearance:
Little Boy/Mikkel Broby

Ahwe Birdman/Ahwe Birdman
Theseus/Aden Gillett
Hippolyta/Sonia Williams
Egeus/Anthony Troulan
Hermia/Marina Bye
Demetrius/Sam Gillett
Lysander/Jherad Alleyne
Helena/Keshia Pope
Phil/Events Manager/Levi King
Peter Quince/Simon Alleyne
Bottom the Fisherwoman/Lorna Gayle
Hook/Angelo Lascelles
Line/Ishiaka McNeil
Sinker/Matthew Murrell
Puck /Patrick Michael Foster
Oberon/Adrian Green
Titania/ Susannah Harker.

Crew made up of Barbadian and British expertise.

Copyright Caribbean Film Productions. All rights reserved.

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