The film industry in Barbados is growing and there is a desire to make increasingly better films.  

​​This gave birth to Caribbean Film Productions Ltd (Registered no: 9659645) is a UK company based in East London with offices in Barbados and the UK. The company contracts skills and talent from both countries to carry out its projects. Its two directors are Melissa Simmonds and Lynette Eastmond who came together in 2015 to produce their first feature film,  A Caribbean Dream.

Eastmond’s background in taxation, law and business as well as being President of the Barbados Film Association, perfectly complements Simmond’s artistic background in developing theatre ideas. Simmonds has been successfully producing classic plays by re locating them in Barbados, using professional talent from both countries for the last 8 years.

Simmonds and Eastmond have taken this formula and applied it to film using expertise from both countries and have a slate of 5 more films to follow over the next 5 years.  Uniquely developing ideas/scripts that can be shot in Barbados using expertise from both countries and sold internationally.

Caribbean Film Productions will also help to facilitate the making of your films and commercials in Barbados. We have access to the best crew and equipment on the island to make your shoot easy.

Films Shot in the Caribbean

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